Regarding Sales of Stickers and Patches







先日、上記の問題に繋がっていると指摘を受けましたので、今後は双方の合意がない限り、ステッカー / パッチ商品の掲載を中止することにいたしました。


In regards to the recent backlash and accusations on Instagram.

All sticker and patch products we list on our site are 100% authentic.  We DO NOT make or import replica or bootleg stickers and patches.  We always describe the brand the customers are purchasing in the product title for all to see.  We are hiding nothing here.

Most, if not all, products we import are requested by our customers who either do not have the ability to make purchases overseas, are concerned with the barrier of not being able to speak the language, or are requesting products that do not ship internationally.  We are here to support the community here.

As for the cost of the products, this is calculated through the cost of the product itself, local shipping cost, international shipping cost, import tax, and miscellaneous fees needed to run our website.  Please understand that we are unable to always make direct purchases from companies so some products may seem more costly than others.  We often make purchases through eBay and other means available through Instagram.

With that said, we realize that our business model has created tensions online and was disrespectful to the companies and their designers.  What we did was careless.

Earlier, we received an e-mail from a person who pointed out that this was an act of inconvenience to them and contrary to their intentions, so we have decided to stop listing sticker and patch products unless agreement of business is carried out between both parties.

We understand and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and disrespect we may have caused with our business model.  We just wanted to introduce cool brands from around the world to our Japanese community.