Spiritus Systems - Elastic Velcro Cummerbund

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*** LV119 ADVANCED Cummerbund を正常に使うには別売りのフロントやリアプレートバッグが必要です。***

Cummerbundのサイズは二種類あります。Size 1とSize 2は共に14インチ程調整がができます。これによって自分の体に合った調整が可能になります。

Size 1: ウェスト約28インチから42インチ 。

Size 2: ウェスト約40インチから54インチ。



*** The LV119 ADVANCED Cummerbund requires a Front and Rear Bag for proper operation. ***


The 5-Inch Elastic Cummerbund is a simple and effective solution for professionals who need to carry and have rapid access to additional ammunition and equipment on their sides while still maintaining a low profile. Side loading is great for ground vehicle and low visibility operations. Elastic cells are 3 inches wide and are built around standard 5.56 Magazines, such as the PMAG. Elastic cummerbunds prevent user fatigue while worn for long durations, as they stretch with the body during active maneuvers. 

The 5-Inch Elastic Cummerbund is a high quality alternative to current elastic offerings from other companies. By using 5-Inch Elastic, we allow for the stable carriage of taller items as they are held more securely. The sewn-on pull tabs allow for the use of the Bungee Retention Kit to securely hold items for HALO, OTB, or other kinetic operations. The tabs also allow users to pull on the cell and make it easier to load and extract equipment. 

The A D V A N C E D Cummerbund features premium, Berry Amendment Compliant materials sourced from industry leaders in textiles manufacturing. It offers superior construction processes, including triple stitching on the elastic cells to prolong life and prevent cell failure when stuffed with-non standard or oddly shaped items. 

Attachment. The LV Series of vests hosts an attachment system like no other. This system allows for maximum adjustment and stability. This cummerbund will NOT sag when it is fully loaded unlike velcro-attached cummerbunds.  




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