Esstac Midlength Double Pistol KYWI Pouch

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MidlengthサイズのマグパウチはGlock 24 round 9mmと22 round 40calマガジン、そして+5/6 round extensionsフルサイズGlockマガジンを上手く収納するように設計されています。Glock+2 extensionも収納できますが、長さが足りないかもしれません。エクステンションの無いG17マガジンやGlock19マガジンは長さが足りない為、使用できません。




Midlength Pistol Kywi pouch, works well with the newer Glock 24 round 9mm and 22 round 40cal magazines and +5/6 round extensions for FULL sized glock mags. Glock +2 extension work but not ideal due to the limited length stickout out. Not ideal for standard G17 mags with no extension and Glock 19 mags are to short no matter the extension.

Midlength allows for 1inch lower placement on a belt, allowing for easier manipulation and less interferance with armor.

These have an added gap between the pouches to accommodate for magazine pouches with long baseplates such as M&P and CZ magazines.

Note: This pouch will spill over into the adjoining Molle channels about .25" on each side. Normal Kywi pouches have an overlap of about 1/8".

There are 4 rows of webbing on the back of the pouch. You only use the Top 3 rows of webbing when mounting (not 4). Midlength pouches come with Short WTFix Straps if you order the WTFix Straps.