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At T.REX ARMS, we train with shot timers. Why? Because they help induce stress and offer a way of measuring progress. Competition shooters are not the only ones that use them – most of the professional defensive shooting world, instructors, and special operations units integrate shot timers into their training, because they work!


The purpose built display on the PACT Club Timer III tells you everything you need to know about your shot string at a glance. Shot Number and Total Time are highlighted with FIRST SHOT and last SPLIT  displayed with no button pushing required. As you press the REVIEW button, each shot Total Time and split are displayed. PAR time (if any) is also displayed along with letting you know if the timer is set to a delayed or instant GO.


OK…OK We hear you, you wanted a louder buzzer. You got it. Way back, 1982 or so, there were some really great buzzers. Unfortunately the federal specs changed for smoke alarm’s, and those great old buzzers went away. The buzzer used in almost all the shooting timers really are the loudest commercially available low frequency buzzers on the market – but they just aren’t loud enough. We went on a quest to come up with a better buzzer, and after testing dozens of them over the course of a year we were not impressed – so we decided to make our own. You will be pleased with the results.


The Club Timer III is designed to fit the hand. Both the buzzer and microphone are located to the side of the timer, away from your hand, to minimize the possibility of blocking them. All the control buttons are recessed below the top of the Club Timer III so that there is no chance of accidentally pressing them as you run with the timer. Yet, when you want to press them, you’ll find they fall naturally under your fingers – no more hunting for the GO button. And speaking of buttons, our custom sealed conductive rubber keypad is water proof and there are no mechanical switches to fail at the worst possible time.





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