Spiritus Systems - SIERRATAC Padded Sling

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The SIERRATAC Sling, by Spiritus Systems. 

Every now and then we discover a product that is just too good to not use ourselves. We strive to not saturate the market with products that fill a gap that has already been filled by someone else. We have been getting asked for a sling for a long time, and we are pleased to have teamed up with SIERRATAC to provide you with the best sling on the market. 

The Sling was developed and field tested by professional endusers in both the LEO and Military realms. Every detail of the sling was meticulously thought out to provide the end user with an optimal solution for securing their weapon. Make no mistake, this sling was designed with real world operations in mind. 

Notable Features 

- SIERRATAC Proprietary Billet Aluminum Slider allows for quick tension adjustment to the sling without the inherent danger of a tail snagging other items. The slider acts as a solid indexing point under stressful or dark conditions. The slider does have machined slots that allow the user to add a small pull tab to it if desired. 

- Premium foam padding for added comfort during extended operations or training events. 

- Seamless construction of the padding incasement ensures that their are no rough edges that will rub the users neck raw. 

-Open looped ends allow the user to add whatever mounting hardware is needed to fit their needs. 

The Sierra Tac sling was developed, prototyped and produced by SIERRATAC. Spiritus Systems is honored that SIERRATAC has chosen us to provide them with their latest evolution in the line up. You can check out their website here. https://sierratac.com/



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